Aminophenol's application prospects in fine chemical pesticide


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Aminophenol is an important fine chemical intermediate. In pesticides, paracetamol is for the production of fungicides mepronil and fluoride acetamide. Mepronil is efficient for crop diseases caused by basidiomycetes fungi. It is mainly used for the control of rice sheath blight, efficacy and low toxicity and can be used in water and soil. Meanwhile, it becomes good wood preservatives. Fluorine amide triphenyl bi[censored] h belongs to amide fungicides and can be used to control the rhizoctonia caused by rhizoctonia solani. Aminophenol is the raw materials of herbicide phenmedipham for beet. So, the aminophenol will have rapid growth in the Fierce Tales: Feline Sight Collector's Edition pesticide market demand.

The pesticide industry is the aminophenol important consumer areas, part of the fluorine-containing pesticides, fungicides between paracetamol as raw material, the current annual consumption between paracetamol about 110 tons, is expected in 2012 will reach about 130 t in China between aminophenol have good market prospects.

Aminophenol in the global production in 2010 is about 6200 tons, the basic balance between supply and demand in the 12 Labours Of Hercules V: Kids Of Hellas Collector's Edition foreign inter-aminophenol is mainly used in the production of pesticides and dyes, about 1500 tons of which are in demand in Japan, Europe and the United States about 2500 tons, Asia (except Japan) consume about 2000 tons. Currently in circulation Clockwork Tales: Of Glass And Ink Collector's Edition in the world market for Japanese products.

2010 China-aminophenol manufacturers 5. At present, the production of paracetamol in China between nitrobenzene sulfonation and alkali fusion. Aminophenol industrial production in the global route there are two one resorcinol ammoniated law, two nitrobenzene sulfonation alkali fusion. From the perspective of environmental protection, resorcinol ammoniation method has good prospects for Curse At Twilight: Thief Of Souls Collector's Edition development, and represents the development direction of future aminophenol. At present, China has not yet master resorcinol the ammoniated method of production 10- hydroxydecanoic acid technology, while the current market price of resorcinol up to 100,000 RMB / ton, and the supply and demand at home and abroad abnormal tight, introduced from Japan, the technology is almost impossible. China's production method is most suitable for nitrobenzene sulfonation alkali fusion of the Act to nitrobenzene for raw materials, process is divided into five steps.

In recent years, due to strong demands in domestic and international market, the market price of paracetamol has been run in a higher price and remained relatively stable from 2004 to 2010.The market price Dark Cases: The Blood Ruby Collector's Edition of the domestic aminophenol has been stable at 60,000 RMB / ton. Considering the amino-phenol synthesis technology, production status and market demand in China, it is recommended to use the nitrobenzene for production of aminophenol and the scale of production is 2000t / a. The main equipments are Matamalayong sulfonation reactor, crystallization pot, filters, restore pot, alkali fusion reactor acidification pot, vacuum distillation kettle, etc. The equipment investment is about 700 million. Producing the paracetamol in chlor-alkali companies can greatly reduce the large acid-base transport costs and lower the production costs.



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